About Us

Our Mission

Fun D. Mental advocates the techniques and virtues of fundamental martial arts teachings by creating eco-conscious apparel that promotes MMA’s often overlooked components. 

Training the mind, body and spirit is the core foundation of all true martial arts. Honor, integrity, balance [in life], discipline, meditation and respect for an opponent are only some of the positive qualities instilled in martial arts students, but they are often overshadowed by media discussions of blood and violence. Fun D. Mental would like to change the current perceptions to reflect the positive.

Who We Are

Fun D. Mental, LLC was conceived by two cousins in Florida who wanted to show that MMA is not "just two men or women trying to hurt each other in a violent fashion." Modern mixed martial arts has a foundation of centuries and milennia old techniques that are based on kinesiological efficiency and, in many cases, spiritual development.

Fight to Finish

While watching any sport, we don't like to watch a person or team just sit back and coddle a lead while waiting for time to run out. Not in football and definitely not in MMA. As such, we at Fun D. Mental say, "Fight to finish!"

Who wants to see a dominant MMA fighter backpedaling the entire final round to win a decision? Not Fun D. Mental. Who wants to see a MMA fighter simply laying in an opponent's guard while the final minutes tick off of the clock. Not Fun D. Mental.

Fight to finish!!

Fun D. Mental
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