About Our Shirts

Fun D. Mental uses 100% organic cotton T-shirts to print original MMA designs. The cotton is combed and ring spun to create strong, soft thread that is woven to create the high quality, high comfort shirts that people should expect.

Carded cotton is a mixture of ragged, thicker, short fibers. This cotton is rough, heavy and lower in quality making it cheaper to produce. [Fig.1] Open-ended yarn uses fewer, coarser fibers that are blown together resulting in loosely bound, heavier, rougher thread which means heavier, rougher fabric. [Fig. 2]

                          Fig. 1                                 Fig. 2  

Combed cotton separates 80% of the longer, thinner, more even fibers (more desirable) from the shorter, coarser and less consistent fibers. [Fig. 3]  Ring spun yarn has a higher count of thinner fibers tightly twisted together to make a stronger, smoother, finer gauge (30) thread which leads to a finer knit fabric that is softer and lighter. [Fig. 4]

                          Fig. 3                               Fig. 4 

So what does that mean? Well, take a look at the difference between average threads used in T-shirts and the threads used to weave Fun D. Mental shirts.

Here is what open ended, ring spun yarn looks like:

And here is what combed, ring spun yarn looks like:

Clearly the higher quality and more comfortable yarn is in Fun D. Mental shirts!

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